The Mysterious Artifact Recovery Volunteers Organisation (M.A.R.V.O) was founded to find lost treasures and powerful Artifacts.

MARVO has spent countless years trying to recover objects of incredible power and searching for knowledge on the whereabouts of hundreds more.

MARVO has recovered many magical objects and is entrusted with their safe keeping.


Our Research and Recovery Teams have had great success. Most recently, the four suspected resting places of Atlantis have been explored and several powerful items recovered. These are being shipped to our experimental research laboratory so we can fully understand and control them. Other Recovery Teams have travelled deep into unknown lands and located a Lost Temple. We are awaiting the next shipment to see what Artifacts were successfully recovered.

The important work we do has meant keeping high levels of secrecy about what we do. Only a very elite few have become MARVO Agents. With the demand ever growing for the recovery of more and more Artifacts, Do you think you have what it takes to become a full MARVO Agent?


We desperately need more Volunteers, that's where you come in! We have many roles and assignments for the talented, wise, skilled, organised and lucky. We wish to invite you to take part in our current MARVO Induction process and see if you can become an important cog in the MARVO Machine.

The process is very simple, you would be invited to MARVO and take part in a short one hour session. These sessions usually contain a set of simple, mundane tasks such as checking through old manuscripts for 'Artifacts of Interest', or general list making and packing trunks and boxes. If you are successful at any one of these tasks you would be asked to come back for more intensive training depending on the role MARVO feels you would fulfil.


Patience; Good at following orders: Time keeping; Organisation; Diligence; Don't Question Authority; Enthusiasm; Passionate; Highly motivated; Enjoy reading; Work well under pressure; Good communicator; Good listener; Excellent written communications skills; Proactive; Problem solver; Can work independently as well as a team player.

If you have some or all of these skills we want to hear from you. Special attention would be paid to those with experience finding and recovering any Magical or Mysterious Artifacts. As well as those Volunteers who can demonstrate a Werewolf or Undead or Zombie slaying track record. Evidence of such will be required after a successful Induction. Please note that these skills are not required for the Induction.

A Life of Adventure Awaits!

Find out if you have what it takes to become a full MARVO Agent!

Check the calendar and BOOK your MARVO Induction Now.

Good Luck