Who or What is Marvo Mysteries Escape Room Bournemouth?

No one would know that a childhood spent watching Labyrinth, Knightmare & The Crystal Maze would eventually end up here, a mysterious world, magical secrets and a room full of puzzles, you will find them all here at Marvo Mysteries Escape Room Bournemouth. We will take you on an adventure to remember! Or maybe one you will never forget. Teams of 3-6 players must search for clues, solve the mystery, recover the Artifact and try to escape, all before their time runs out.

We have one experience currently running: M.A.R.V.O Induction
The experience lasts for around 80 minutes - approximately 60 minutes in the game plus a briefing beforehand and photo opportunity at the end. Briefing will begin promptly at the scheduled start time so please don't be late!
You enter the world of M.A.R.V.O as Volunteers looking to recover a Mysterious Artifact. But all is not what it seems. Old myths and legends give a glimpse into another world, a mirror world, a wonderland filled with powerful Artifacts, has someone found a way to travel between them? Visit the M.A.R.V.O page for more information.
That would be telling, but trust me when I say that it is a thrilling and unique experience. Unlike a lot of Escape Rooms, the experience has a strong narrative that unfolds as you play and is influenced by your actions, so you need to make the right decisions at the right time.

Please note the experience may or may not contain (we don't want to give too many spoilers!):
Smoke effects; Flashing lights; Strong magnets; Loud noises; Simulated emergency; Lasers; Confined spaces!

Please let us know if any of your party may have issues with any of these or other medical conditions, if in any doubt please contact us before you book.
No. The doors are not 'Locked' but you will be shut inside a room, if you need to get out pressing the doors will release the magnet locks.
All bookings are private so it will just be you and your team in the game with the room to yourselves.
No, but some people might find some parts slightly unsettling in places.
M.A.R.V.O Induction is designed for groups of 3-6 people.
Want to play as a couple? It will be very very challenging. If you are up for the challenge you are free to book for three and play as two, otherwise why not bring a couple of friends along. (You have been warned!)
Our current game is for up to 6 players, so for a larger group you can split into teams and play one game after the other. For team building events please contact us for pricing and availability.
Marvo Mysteries Escape Room Bournemouth is a great experience for all special occasions. Please contact us with your requirements.
Please note it is not suitable for childrens parties.
Please visit our Booking page for current prices. Please note prices are based on per player, they must be purchased in advance.

For special events or larger groups please contact us for pricing details.
We have several gift vouchers and gift box options available for the M.A.R.V.O experience. This would be a brilliant surprise to give to your friends or family. Please visit our Gift Vouchers page for more options.

Gift Voucher tickets can be redeemed as full or part payment via our online booking system. All gift boxes are handmade and assembled, therefore will all be slightly unique. Gift vouchers are valid for 12 months, usual terms apply.
You must arrive promptly on time for your booking. Be sure to leave ample time for travel and parking. If you are more than 5 minutes late your game will be stated as a no show and is non refundable.

Once the Experience has stared you will not be admitted so please arrive on time!
Marvo Mysteries Escape Room Bournemouth is a ticketed, live event. Once a booking is confirmed, refunds, cancellations and reschedules are not possible. In addition, latecomers will not get a refund or reschedule. If you know you can't make it within 7 days contact us and we'll do our best to help you rebook. Please be aware of this before booking.
No, all belongings are locked away in a chest at the start of your experience. You keep the key to the locked chest, and it is moved into the back during the game and then returned to reception ready for you to collect at the end.
We don't offer onsite food and drink options, and would ask that you don't eat or drink inside the rooms.
Due to the intensive nature of the Experience we are not able to accept intoxicated visitors. If you are visibly inebriated, you may be refused entry or your experience cut short. In a similar fashion, if you are disruptive, unruly or present a threat to our environments or staff we may be forced to terminate your adventure. 
Please be careful in the rooms, there is nothing hidden under the carpet or in the plasterboard walls or ceilings!

There is no need to use brute force or smash anything. Please take care of our props and decorations.
Due to the complexity of the challenge, the game is open to children over the age of 12. Any under 18s must be accompanied by an adult, and we recommend a ratio of two children per adult.
Please note it is not suitable for childrens parties.
Due to the nature of the experience and the building there are some accessibility limitations. Unfortunately we are not wheelchair friendly.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements before booking and we will investigate if and how we can accommodate.
Naturally, you play at your own risk, but there should be no reason or causes for worry. You will not be able to sit down for about sixty minutes - and there may be low lighting, loud noises and simulated emergency.
Please visit our Bookings page. If you need any help please contact us.
If you have got this far hopefully you should know by now, but in case you are still wondering, an Escape Room is a real-world adventure game. As a team of friends, colleagues or family member's you will enter into a specially built room filled with puzzles and challenges and need to solve them all to escape!
No, Marvo Mysteries Escape Room Bournemouth is one of a kind! All our puzzles and props are designed, built and handcrafted by us.
You should arrive at the time of your booking (and please ring the doorbell at the front.)
Our address is Marvo Mysteries Escape Room Bournemouth 251 Holdenhurst Road, Bournemouth BH8 8DA. Click here for a link to Google maps.
We would recommend wearing comfortable clothes and shoes. The room is not heated but will warm up with people bustling and puzzle solving. If in doubt, wear layers!
You can contact us on 01202 386525, or email hello@marvomysteries.co.uk
Marvo Mysteries Escape Room Bournemouth is a live, ticketed event. Once you've bought your tickets, a refund is not possible.
If you arrive with extra players than allocated at the time of booking, the standard ticket price will apply. However we can not allow more than 6 players into the room per game. If you'd like to add extra players to your booking please contact us in advance.
  1. Communicate! Designate a Communicator that each team member reports to, they repeat and share what each team member has found coordinating the treasure hunt.
  2. Patience! Don't be afraid to come back to clues or puzzles; some might not be needed until later but remember what you have seen and share with your team.
  3. Listen! There is a wide variety of puzzles in our rooms: some big, some small, some people excel at certain types of puzzles and not others. We would be surprised if one person had the right answer to every clue, work as a Team!
  4. Organise! Layout and keep all the clues together so you can easily lay your hand on that oo-ja-ma-flip that your found right at the start.
  5. Respect our Rooms and Staff. Please be careful in the rooms, there is nothing hidden under the carpet or in the walls or ceilings! There is no need to force or smash anything, please take care of our props and follow any instructions from our staff.
  6. Have Fun! This will be an experience to remember, or maybe one you will never forget!