M.A.R.V.O Agent Guidelines

Please read carefully

  1. Hazards: Do not put things on the floor, they may get trodden on or be a trip hazard.
  2. Respect: All our props are handmade, please be gentle.
  3. Care: Please don’t break anything. If you think you’re using excessive force you probably are. Remember things are real and can be heavy, sharp or fragile.
  4. Think! Randomly hitting and pulling at things will not solve puzzles.
  5. Search: Most clues are hidden in plain sight. Nothing is hidden under the carpets, in the ceiling or in the brickwork.
  6. Organise: Be organised, remember what you have and where you’ve put it. Some things you will use immediately, some things will be for later in the game.
  7. Communicate: Talk to your team and tell each other what you find.
  8. Read: Some items may have instructions to help you.
  9. Keys: All keys are labelled and will only open one lock.
  10. No Climbing: Do not climb or try and get things out of reach.
  11. Don’t put things in your pockets, or they might get lost or forgotten.
  12. No graffiti: A pencil and paper is provided to make notes, please do not draw on anything else.
  13. No Photos: Do not take any photos or video.
  14. CCTV: Your games master will be monitoring at all times to be able to assist you.
  15. Emergency: In case of emergency please follow the Exit signs to the front of the building.