What if Fairy Stories were more real than you ever imagined? If the power to destroy the world was hidden in a small trinket and that trinket had been lost to history, only remembered in an old bed time story. Would you try to recover it for the good of all?

Find out if you have what it takes to become a full M.A.R.V.O Agent!

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Teams of 3-8 players must search for clues, solve the mystery, recover the Artifact and try to escape, all before their time runs out. We will take you on an adventure to remember! Or maybe one you will never forget.

The M.A.R.V.O experience lasts approximately 80 minutes; 60 minutes in the game room plus a briefing beforehand, and debriefing and a photo opportunity at the end. The M.A.R.V.O experience is designed for groups of 3-8 people. If you have any questions or for group bookings, please contact us.

There are flashing lights and smoke effects, therefore it is advised to contact us if any of your party are sensitive to these before booking.

Difficulty: Challenging
Game Time: 60 Minutes
Success Rate: 39%
Players: 3-8

per person

Gift Vouchers are also available

Top Tips for Success!

  1. Communicate! Designate a Communicator that each team member reports to, they repeat and share what each team member has found coordinating the treasure hunt.
  2. Patience! Don't be afraid to come back to clues or puzzles; some might not be needed until later but remember what you have seen and share with your team.
  3. Listen! There is a wide variety of puzzles in our rooms: some big, some small, some people excel at certain types of puzzles and not others. We would be surprised if one person had the right answer to every clue, work as a Team!
  4. Organise! Layout and keep all the clues together so you can easily lay your hand on that oo-ja-ma-flip that your found right at the start.
  5. Respect our Rooms and Staff. Please be careful in the rooms, there is nothing hidden under the carpet or in the walls or ceilings! There is no need to force or smash anything, please take care of our props and follow any instructions from our staff.
  6. Have Fun! This will be an experience to remember, or maybe one you will never forget!