Crime Runners: Back to the Congressman

The Story

Time has passed since the cataclysm brought about by Project X. The reconstruction is almost complete and the world is fast returning to normal. The dark days of quarantine are over! People have returned to the streets, the parks have reopened, and children are once again back in the playgrounds.

Some scars remain, however. We are the victims of the attendant economic crisis. No-one has any money left for good, honest criminals like us to steal! Do you remember our first mission together? Back then we wanted to get our hands on Simon Dickson’s fortune, but we failed. It’s time to try again, and finally complete the mission. The Operator is waiting for you!

This online game is from our friends at Crime Runners in Vienna. To support each other, we decided to offer you their game through our shop. We played it ourselves and had a blast! Click below to purchase.