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Deluxe Gift Box

Deluxe Gift Box
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Deluxe Gift Box


Your chosen recipient will receive a Gift box including trinkets and other items to help them in their Adventure, along with a MA.R.V.O themed Induction Letter inviting them to take part in the Escape Room Bournemouth: M.A.R.V.O experience.

1x Printed VIP Souvenir Ticket
1x Marvo Mysteries Badge
1x Extra Hint Cards to use in the Game
1x Pocket Watch Trinket
1x Adventurers Magnifying Glass
Other M.A.R.V.O paraphernalia!

Gift Voucher tickets can be redeemed as full or part payment via our online booking system. All gift boxes are handmade and assembled, therefore will all be slightly unique. Contents may vary. Usual terms apply.

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